Direct Bank Transfer Payment Option

The most widely used and oldest method for transferring money from one bank account to another is the Direct Bank Transfer. This method goes way back before online method money transfers like e-wallets, prepaid cards or even credit cards were viable and casino players wanted their play-share on an online casino. The method itself has several advantages when it comes to transferring funds over – the most obvious being the “direct” way of handling funds without the need for a third party service. This in itself guarantees safer approach since you don’t need to leave your bank and personal info on another site (third party), minimalizing the risk for possible intrusions and data loss.

Direct bank transfers have been around for decades, long before the internet has been prevalent in the transfer of electronic funds. Today it is still the most widely used method by millions of consumers in more than two hundred countries around the globe.

The introduction of an organized and structured system (known as SWIFT or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) allows for international transfers. Thanks to SWIFT, we are able to successfully transfer money to cover our online expenses for travel, shopping and of course, gambling purposes.

The way Direct Bank Transfers work requires a bit of explanation. This method is used for deposits/withdrawals at an online casino but it still applies for other purposes. First, one must obtain his/hers bank details from the gambling establishment where the transfer is going to occur. These details are usually obtainable via customer representative or plainly displayed at the casino’s website. Once this information (the receiving bank’s name and its unique SWIFT number) is obtained, the next step is to visit a bank office and request for a direct bank transfer. Once all of this is confirmed and certified, calling the casino and to set up the deposit amount manually is all that remains to finally complete the transaction.

The deposit process (especially the first time) can be a bit tiring and cumbersome (especially for someone who doesn’t want to get involved with a bit of paperwork). Luckily, the withdrawals process is simpler and only requires the bank’s SWIFT number and the user’s account number (obtained from the user’s bank or the casino’s website) and entering the details at the casino’s cashier. Simple as that.

Availability and services

As already noted previously, the Direct Bank Transfer system is widely accepted and virtually any bank in the world supports it. This and the fact that you are dealing directly with the casino without the addition of a third party that might jeopardize the security of the transactions are its greatest strengths. However, this method is not without weakness. We already mentioned the quite elaborate process of obtaining an account for depositing (in some instances, it is somewhat difficult to obtain all the required information in order to complete the process). Lastly, fees apply in almost every instance (account creation, deposits, and withdrawals) so keep that in mind.

Online Gambling Tips

Five of the Best Online Casino Tips

Put simply, online casinos earn a lot of money, where do you think they get that money? Off players like you…

Learn a few basic tips for increasing your odds and in turn, lowering those of the casinos.

1. Understanding The Games You Play

To fully understand the game, is to give yourself the best chance of winning. If you make mistakes then it’s just wasting your money. You need to know the rules backward, know when and how much to bet and what your odds will be on every bet. This can take time so play for fun in the trial games if you need to before playing with real money. It’s even worth watching a few hands being played before you dive in. Know what buttons mean in all your games and when to use them. Finally, if you have any questions, simply contact the casino customer support – they’re happy to help.

2. Pinch Yourself!

Have you been out all night drinking or been up for hours more than you need to be? had a bad day? Well, steer clear of gambling…

This is really the worst time you can visit an online casino. You simply can’t be thinking clearly and therefore will likely make the wrong decisions.

Especially if you’re drunk you’re more likely to freely deposit more money. It’s hard to grasp reality when your intoxicated and even harder to deal with it the next morning.

3. Easy Come Easy Go.

Sure, gambling is a load of fun and you can win big, but don’t let that faze you into spending money online like it’s not yours, you earned that money. If you don’t fully understand what you’re doing, basically you’re just throwing away your money. Makes sure you are playing online wisely by learning games through and through.

4. Take a Look In The Mirror.

Fantastic! Your on a winning streak! Now, when are you going to stop? This is the hardest thing about online gambling, it’s great to win all this money but it’s easier to lose it soon afterward. If you’re bankroll is up, this might be a good time to walk away. This also goes for when you just can’t win, don’t get sucked into the thought of “Just one more, I feel it coming”, if you’ve spent your budget then leave the rest for another day.

5. Remember to Enjoy Yourself.

Sure, an online casino may have the odds in the long run but this doesn’t take away any enjoyment. You may not always come out a winner but hopefully our tips will give you an edge to get the best chance. Try not to get frustrated, no matter what the outcome, you’ll always be a winner.

Progressive Jackpots Games by Playtech software

We have all dreamed of hitting the Big One that will send us on easy street for the rest of our life. Imagine the thrill of hitting the perfect combination of winning symbols that will bring you huge money. Ranging from £500 all the way up to £10 million, the progressive games are one of the most popular games at online casinos. Operators offer jackpots on many games like slots, table games and video poker. The most numerous, however, are those attached to slots.

Playtech, one of the leading software developers in the online casino industry, has been giving jackpots since 2002. Not only its games are one of the best games around, but they also come with the greatest graphics and sounds. The Playtech jackpots are pretty generous as well. Every time a player bets at a progressive game, a small portion of his bet is added to the Playtech progressive jackpot pool that grows pretty fast as many players play the game at any one time.

Playtech Progressive Jackpots

Playtech offers over 30 progressive jackpot games to choose from a Playtech online casino. These range from 3 reel classic slots with only one pay- line up to 5 reel video slots that have multiple play- lines. These jackpot slot games also come with wild and scatter symbol and many other additional features to enhance the gaming experience. The bets of these games usually start as low as £0.25. Some of the most played games include the Marvel slots, Beach Life, Gold Rally, Everybody’s Jackpot and so on.

The Gladiator is a 5 reel, 25 pay-line video slot that is based on the movie under the same name featuring Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe (the Gladiator). The slot comes with a wild and a scatter symbol and two bonus rounds- the Coliseum Bonus round and the Gladiator Bonus round. The slot also has a gamble feature. Its current jackpot is 1.9 million pounds.

This 5 reel, 20 pay-line video slot features wild and scatter symbols, stacked symbols, Treasure Chest bonus feature, and a progressive jackpot. Sand castles, surfers and different types of ice creams can all be seen on the reels. Earlier this year a lucky player won the mind-blowing £5.1 million jackpot on this slot game.

The Incredible Hulk is a 5 reel, 50 pay-lines video slot based on a Marvel Series comic book creature that is green and invincible. It comes with expanding Hulk feature, a Smash Bonus game, free spins and wild and scatter symbols as well as an incredible jackpot.

Gold Rally is a classic slot that offers pretty good progressive jackpot. The game has 3 reels and 8 pay-lines and it follows a gold mine theme where your task is to search for gold. The slot also features scatter symbol and a bonus round.

We have all heard of the Pink Panther and the sill inspector Jacques Clouseau. Pink Panther is a 5 reel, 40 pay-lines video slot based on the comedy series back in the 1960s. The slot comes with wild and scatter symbols, four bonus features and two progressive jackpots.

How to Withdraw From an Online Casino

Most people think that the most important part of choosing an online casino is its bonuses and promotions. However, the truth is the reputation of a casino and its banking options are a lot more important factors to consider. The bonuses and promotional offers seem very lucrative and tempting although they may have pretty difficult wagering requirements. The banking methods, on the other hand, are what they seem to be, but they can make a big difference when it comes to withdrawing from a casino.

One way online casinos attract new customers is by offering players pretty low deposits. But regarding withdrawing, some online casinos may have pretty high minimum withdrawal limits that players find it very difficult to reach. That’s when things become tricky. Therefore, it is important to check the casino’s banking options, especially its withdrawal methods, the fees associated with them and the minimum payout amounts before you sign up with a casino and make a deposit.

There are few things you have to do before you make a withdrawal. First and foremost, you must have already existing real money casino account and enough money in your bankroll to be able to cash out winnings. Check the casino’s minimum withdrawal limit. If everything is okay, you can move on by entering the casino’s cashier. Afterwards, click on the Withdraw tab.

The next thing you have to do is enter the amount you wish to cash out. It doesn’t necessary mean that you have to withdraw all your winnings; you can take some of them and leave some to play with. If you want to know payments methods of casino, you can check some reviews, like royal panda casino review and make decision.

The final step is to choose a withdraw method. Most online casinos support everything from e-wallets to traditional bank transfers. You simply have to choose one.

Finally, it is advisable to check your status. Once you make the withdrawal and submit your request, the status on your transaction will usually appear as “Waiting”. Afterwards, it should appear as “Processing”.

Online casinos can offer a lot deposit methods, but when it comes to withdrawing, there are usually only but a few. The following are the most common and popular withdraw methods offered by many casinos players can use to cash out their winnings in an easy and safe way:

Credit Cards – Almost every online casino offers them as a deposit option. They are also frequently used as cashing out options and it is very easy and safe to withdraw though them.

Neteller – Some online casinos offer Neteller e-wallet for both deposits and withdrawals.

Skrill – Players can also choose Skrill from the cashier and request a withdrawal amount. Then they can decide if they want to keep the money on their Skrill account or to transfer them to their bank account or credit card.

Ukash – Cashing out though Ukash is very fast. Players have the money available immediately and they can get them at any ATM that supports Ukash.

Click2Pay – Click2Pay is another third part payment processor and players must have already existing Click2Pay online account through which they can make withdraw from a casino.

EcoCard – EcoCard works the same as other e-wallets. Withdrawing though this method is very easy and safe.

Direct Bank Transfer – This process involves transferring money from an online casino bank account to your bank account and the process is very fast and simple.

How do progressive jackpots work and can I trust them to pay out

Not everybody has the luck to hit a big progressive jackpot while casually playing an online casino game that features one, but it do happens form time to time. On the Internet you can come across many stories of winners who had bet only $0.5 on a progressive jackpot slot game and won millions. If the luck is on your side, even without any skills you can win a life- changing jackpot. Progressive jackpots can come with many casino games like slots, table games and video poker. It is important to note that hitting a progressive jackpot is totally random and there are auditing firms like TST that make sure all casino games are fair to play.

There are a couple of jackpots that can be attached to casino games. The most common ones are random, major and minor, Marvel series jackpots and progressive jackpots. In other words, some jackpots can be randomly hit while others have a specific pattern that has to be hit in order to win a large sum. Others are four types of jackpot that come with casino games based on the Marvel series comic books. The progressive jackpots, in particular, can stand alone, be offered by a casino or they can belong to a much larger network. The amount of a jackpot in some cases can be life- changing.

A progressive jackpot is a large sum of money attached to an online casino game. A small part of a player’s bet is added to the progressive jackpot pool and you can see the pool increasing in front of your eyes. To increase your chances of hitting a progressive jackpot, you must bet the maximum amount of coins. Additionally, before playing a progressive jackpot game make sure that you familiarize yourself with the game. If it is a slot game for example, learn and understand the pay tables.

Progressive Jackpots and RNG

Most people say that you have better chance of hitting two balls in one hole than hitting a progressive jackpot. This might be the case, but the chances of hitting a progressive and any other type of a jackpot are totally random. For instance, slots are the type of casino games that come with progressive jackpots and they all use random number generator (RNG) software that determines the outcome of a spin. The result of a spin is totally random and therefore fair. The RNG cannot be affected, so you have equal chances of hitting the Big One.

Online Casino Games with Progressive Jackpot

The online slots are the most numerous types of casino games and some of them come with pretty large progressive jackpots. Popular Playtech progressive jackpot slots for example include Wall St. Fever, Gold Rally, Fruit Mania, Fantastic Four, Iron Man 2 and so on. Other casino games also offer progressive jackpots. One of them is Progressive Blackjack by Playtech software. 10- Line Jacks or Better and Megajacks are two more progressive video poker jackpots that are offered by the Playtech network.